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Bring Genomics and DNA Sequencing into your Curriculum

The Genomics Hub helps community college faculty get genomics into their biotech curriculum. We specialize in developing course-based research experiences that integrate emerging technologies in gene and genome analysis–especially DNA sequencing, DNA barcoding, and metabarcoding.

What we can do for you:

  • Support student projects and course-based research in human mitochondrial DNA sequencing, DNA barcoding, and metabarcoding.
  • Provide free DNA sequencing and next-generation sequencing for specific projects.
  • Support bioinformatics analysis.
  • Troubleshoot experiments.
  • Collaborate on adapting experiments and developing genomics curriculum.
  • Identify colleagues to support implementation.
Dave Micklos, Executive Director of DNA Learning Center

Dave Micklos, D.Sc.

Anna Feitzinger, Assistant Director for Science, DNA Learning Center

Anna Feitzinger, Ph.D.

Jenny Hackett, Manager of Student and Public Research, DNA Learning Center

Jenny Hackett, Ph.D.

  • Manager of Student and Public Research, DNALC
  • +1 646 351 3425

Making genomics feasible and affordable for the community college biotech curriculum

The Genomics Hub strives to make the technologies of genomics, including next generation sequencing and bioinformatics, doable at community colleges. Over the past decade, the consensus of education research has shown that STEM students learn best when they are actively engaged in research experiences. The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center has a track record of taking the latest scientific innovations and making them available to students. Using the same tools and technologies as expert researchers, students can use our robust, low-cost DNA sequencing and bioinformatics tools to explore human origins with mitochondrial DNA sequence, identify organisms with DNA barcodes, or study the biodiversity of microbiomes, or environmental samples (eDNA) using DNA metabarcoding.

Free genomics training and support for community college faculty

We provide the training, technology, and troubleshooting support that faculty need to implement genomics research experiences. Training covers fundamental concepts and practical applications of bioinformatics and genomics. We developed DNA Subway as an easy-to-use bioinformatics platform for DNA barcoding and microbiome research. Hub staff will work with you as you implement these tools and approaches in your curriculum. Freshman Research at James Madison University provides an example of how this can be effectively scaled up to reach many students.

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