InnovATEBIO  Hubs

National Biotechnology Education Center

NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program

We developed a hub concept as an antidote to a traditional center. Each Hub is a “go-to” place for specific expertise to create and support biotech programs in high schools and community colleges. Our decentralized infrastructure shares leadership among a unique team of biotechnology educators with a range of experience. We are a service organization. We are ready to help you.

ACC Biotechnology Programs: Internship & Career Resources

Alumni Network

We help schools develop or expand their alumni networks and industry contacts. We encourage alumni to support bioscience workforce development and help them stay connected with biotech programs through professional development opportunities–such as building interview and presentation skills.

Biotech Careers

Careers and Entrepreneurship

We increase student interest in biotech-related careers by providing job descriptions, day-in-the-life stories, blogs about biotech, job boards, and one of the largest biotech employer databases. We provide clear career pathways, with an emphasis on entry-level positions.

Bay Area Bioscience Education Community

High School Pathways

We help high school teachers start and sustain workforce-oriented biotechnology programs and to incorporate biotechnology into existing biology courses. We also help state educational agencies and school districts adopt best practices for establishing CTE biotech programs.

The National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce

Industry & Workforce Development

We work with partners across the country to develop best practices for professional development and skill standards for the technical workforce. In addition, we have an analytical molecular skills development laboratory that also functions as an incubator for emerging companies.

High school students conduct a science experiment

Supply Chain

We help community colleges develop manufacturing supply chain projects in which students follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) to manufacture a finished product biotech reagents and kits. These products are distributed to high school or college customers.

Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative (CCURI)

Student Research

We expand opportunities for students to engage in real-world science research. Our inquiry-based teaching model focuses on providing course based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) as part of novel, introductory courses.

Hands-on science experiment at the DNA Learning Center NY


We focus on emerging technologies in gene and genome analysis–especially DNA sequencing, DNA barcoding, and metabarcoding. We strive to make these technologies feasible and affordable for course-based research at community colleges.

Shoreline Community College, Seattle, Washington


We focus on increasing the productivity of the immunotherapy sector on a national scale. We develop new training programs to increase the number and diversity of skilled technicians entering the manufacturing workforce.